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Types Of Security Locks

Posted by Howard Sales on 9/10/2014 to Locks
The security and safety of your valuables at your home or business is highly important. A variety of locking mechanisms exist, and understanding how they work will help you choose the right option for your needs. Knowing the details of the following types of locks can help you guarantee that access to your belongings will be protected.

The Legend (and Reality) Of Great Safecrackers

Posted by Howard Sales on 9/8/2014
Safecrackers generally get a bad reputation, mainly because many safecrackers are breaking into safes that are not theirs and without permission.

Combination Or Keypad Lock: Is One Safer Than Another?

Posted by Howard Sales on 9/5/2014 to Locks
When you are in the market to find a quality lock for your safe or vault, you could find yourself with too many options that you might be sitting there paralyzed and unable to make any decision. There are the old-school combination locks with dials and numerical combinations, and there is the electronic/digital locks that use keypads.