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The Titan Pivotbolt Lock

Posted by Robyn on 5/26/2014 to Locks
The Titan Pivotbolt lock provides a reliable, secure motor actuated locking mechanism. The lock bolt is retracted and extended by the movement of the safe's boltwork. And there are literally one million codes from which you can choose yours. This lock is even field programmable (via keypad) for single control, and employee/manager modes; and it’s conveniently changeable at any time. Its default operating mode is single control, but the lock can easily be set to a permanent dual control mode, if you prefer. It features one master code, one supervisor code, one time delay override code, seven user codes (eight user codes if the time delay override is not enabled).

Getting the Best Value from your Security Installation

Posted by Timothy on 5/5/2014 to Locks
In these economic times and current climate, money is always tight, yet cutbacks on one’s security installation and system could cost you much more in the long run. Those seeking to cut costs is understandable –looking to commissioning a great price from a contractor. Yet, one must think of the long term benefits of the whole life of the security installation in terms of cost and effectiveness, not simply getting the equipment in place.