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Benefits of Time Locks

Posted by Howard Sales on 10/15/2014 to Locks
Time locks have been a popular plot device in movies for some time now. The bank robbers, who wanted to rob the bank’s safe, would have to do so only in a certain time of day when the time lock on the safe allows the safe to be opened. And this silver screen depiction of time locks does them justice, so if you think time locks like to ones you saw in movies would increase the safety of your business’s safe, you’re right. They would.

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Padlock

Posted by Howard Sales on 10/7/2014 to Locks
At one point or another, you'll probably come across the need for a padlock, whether for a simple locker or a bicycle or even for a valuable storage unit or warehouse gate. It's not advisable to just go for any padlock you get your hands on, especially if you need to secure something very important. Hence, you need to carefully consider the following factors when choosing a padlock: