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Types Of Security Locks

Posted by Howard Sales on 9/10/2014 to Locks

The security and safety of your valuables at your home or business is highly important. A variety of locking mechanisms exist, and understanding how they work will help you choose the right option for your needs. Knowing the details of the following types of locks can help you guarantee that access to your belongings will be protected.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Keypad locks can vary in appearance, but most have a numeric keypad similar to that of a telephone. These locks generally require a four-digit or six-digit code. One advantage to an electronic keypad lock is that the user can change the code when needed. Much simpler and less expensive than changing a traditional lock, periodically switching the code optimizes the safety of the lock and is usually a simple process.

Time Locks

Time locks are often used for bank safes and for locking up other very valuable items. Even if the right combination is entered, these locks will not open until a predetermined time. Time locks are intended to protect cash in the event of a bank robbery, as the safe will not open even if the burglars coerce a teller into giving them the code.

Dial Locks

Dial locks generally use a combination of three numbers. These are the types of locks found on most lockers, but can also be used for safes. Dial locks use a set of wheels with notches that align to form a gap when the correct combination is used.

Keyhole Locks

Some safe deposit boxes use a traditional keyhole locking mechanism. Using a key has the advantage of limiting access to a very select number of people. Some keyhole locks are non-handed, meaning they can be installed on either a right-handed or left-handed door.

Safety, Security, And Simplicity

Your choice of locks depends upon your individual needs. Several options exist, all of which will help keep your belongings and valuables safe and protected. Spending some time researching locks can make your decision easier.

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