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The Future Home, What's It Like?

Posted by Howard Sales on 8/25/2014

Homes today are strange. The way we build anything is pretty odd when you think about it because the actual building proponents of a house haven't changed much since the early 20th century. This poses an interesting question, “Why do we still make them the way they did 100 years ago?” A lot has changed in the last 100 years and there is evidence of this because you are reading this blog on an electronic screen, and we have been to the moon; but houses, eh, let's not change that right now. Wrong! Because right now is the best time to change the traditional way we look at building houses and here's what's coming!

It Will Be Built Better

We aren't going to be vague and say, “Build the house better”, but rather build it so it uses smaller amounts of materials and is both environmentally friendly as well as cost friendly. Modular and small homes are easier on the wallet because they are built to be efficient, unlike most of the homes built today. Builders like Blu Homes are making the modular home a very viable idea.

It Will Be Smarter

Smart homes are going to be a thing as time moves on. You'll be able to turn on the lights, control your air conditioning, and even unlock your front door all from one app. Oh wait, that is actually happening already! With companies like Nest you can already control the temperature in your home without ever having to step inside of it.

And It Will Be Friendly

Another idea is to have a house computer. It will have a personality and take care of a lot of the duties around the home. Think space age/push button era. Robotics and A.I. are coming along at a rate that is staggering, it won't be long until the robots are running our washing machines!

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