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Hi Tech Future of Locks

Posted by Howard Sales on 8/18/2014 to Locks
Assa Abloy, the world's biggest lock maker, is expanding into more profitable high-tech ventures, including secure authentication. There is strong growth in the company's Global Technologies division, home to an array of products, ranging from apps that remotely open hotel doors to secure digital authentication. Johan Molin, chief executive of Assa Abloy sees the potential to eventually expand into biometric data, including fingerprint or retinal identification, when prices for companies are more attractive.  "If you look at the market for mechanical locks in mature markets, it's not growing much," he said. "I believe the electrical products will develop to be the next large growth area for the company."

There have been upgraded improvements, as well in Biometric Fingerprint Locks – These high tech locks are the future of security. Biometric fingerprint locks for your home mean that you won’t need a key, and they can’t be easily broken into by burglars. The best part is that you never have to stay up at night worrying about who has your lost key. This is definitely the future of technology and home security.

One of the more closely watched technologies on the radar is about to hit the market. Assa Abloy has over the past few years developed a product that can send digital keys to smartphones and use them to open doors at offices, hotels and cars.  At we can accommodate your need for safety and security with home or business upgrades to your locks.  If you have any questions or inquiries, contact us or call at: 1-800-456-4625 for the peace of mind you deserve that the people and/or valuables within your structure are fully secured.

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