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Combination Or Keypad Lock: Is One Safer Than Another?

Posted by Howard Sales on 9/5/2014 to Locks

When you are in the market to find a quality lock for your safe or vault, you could find yourself with too many options that you might be sitting there paralyzed and unable to make any decision. There are the old-school combination locks with dials and numerical combinations, and there is the electronic/digital locks that use keypads.

You have probably noticed through research that both locks have a wide range of price points - some in each category can be had for $25, while others will run $150 or more. So which of these locks is safer?

Part of it depends on your budget - it seems pretty self-evident that the cheaper the lock, the less safe it is no matter which type you buy. What we can say, though, are some of the differences with security measures from each lock, but these features will be generally enhanced if you are willing to spend $100 or more for a good lock.

Keypad locks can be safe because you can easily change the numerical combination at any time and as often as you want - the installer doesn't ever have to know. With a combination lock, the installer gives you the combination for the lock, and if you want to change it, it can cost you $100 or more to have it changed - and again, the person making the change will know the combination.

Combination locks have a keyed bypass that can allow you access when you forget the combination or have some other trouble opening the safe or vault. A keypad has to rely on electricity and/or battery power, and either one of those or both can be compromised or cut off by someone who really wants to get in.

There are plenty of details to go into that address the pros and cons of both kinds of locks - which one is better really depends on your budget and what you need or want the lock to do. If you can find a professional who knows both locks and has no interest in selling you one over the other and can give you an independent overview of the different locks, you can then find the specific lock that will work for you - because what fits you is what is the safest model.

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