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Benefits of Time Locks

Posted by Howard Sales on 10/15/2014 to Locks

Time locks have been a popular plot device in movies for some time now. The bank robbers, who wanted to rob the bank’s safe, would have to do so only in a certain time of day when the time lock on the safe allows the safe to be opened. And this silver screen depiction of time locks does them justice, so if you think time locks like to ones you saw in movies would increase the safety of your business’s safe, you’re right. They would.

Time locks work by adding an additional layer of security to the already existing lock. With them installed, you could open the safe only if you knew the correct combination, and you tried to open it in the correct time. If you didn’t know the combination, the time lock would make no difference to you, and if you knew the combination but tried to open the safe in the wrong time, you wouldn’t be able to do it.

The principle they use to improve security of safes has made time locks popular among the places that are known to store valuables, like banks. With time locks, quick safe robberies are almost impossible to pull off, unless the robbers know the exact time a time lock will allow the safe to be opened. Also, threatening the bank staff, or holding them hostage until one of them cracks and gives up the combination for the safe is also not an option if there’s a time lock installed. The robbers would have to wait, which would lead to one of those hostage situations and spectacular escapes you only see in the movies, and not in real life.

So, if you’re looking into ways to improve the security of your safe, time locks might be the right thing for you. They are too expensive, and completely needless, for home use, but when it comes to protecting high risk places like banks, loan shops, or other places that store a lot of money or valuable items, time locks are a sound choice.

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